Tuesday, November 17, 2009

What makes a mother do something like that?

Every story of child abduction and murder makes me ill. 

But the story of Shayina Davis brings me to tears - literally.

Maybe its the pictures of her in the arms of the man who allegedly kidnapped her.

Maybe its the allegations that her (pregnant) mother sold her to sex slavery (just typing that makes me want to vomit).

Maybe its the sweet innocence lost once again to adults who were supposed to be there to protect her.

Watching her father and aunt yesterday on CBS Morning News, the only question I had in my mind is "why did you give her back to her mother?".  But that isn't my question to ask.  How could they have known.  You always hope you have a childs best interest when you leave them with someone you trust.

I normally would not focus on a story like this because there are so many, and that is the job of the news, but something makes me want to scoop up all of these little lost souls and let them know someone cares.  It also makes me want to form a posse of "what goes around comes around" and open a rather large can of kick ass on these people (no, I am not normally a violent person).

It just makes me so sad.  So sickened.
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