Monday, July 20, 2009

MckBrunch Photo!

Tell me this doesn't look like the "it" spot to be! Look at all those smiling faces! Seriously, the smiles are not fake - that is how awesome everyone was!! Sadly there were a few people that missed the big picture...

Because I talk about her all the time, I feel I need to introduce everyone to my friend Jennifer aka MckMama - she is in the long skirt on the left side. Jennifer's beautiful sister Hilary is standing next to me in the red - I was so excited to have her recognize me in the sea of faces and get excited when I weeded through all the people to give her a hug!

If you if live in Minnesota, or get the chance to visit, you have to make a trip to the small town of Waconia (I guess when I lived in the cities it was a "town", now it is a small suburb) and dine at the Green Room. It was incredible.

Thank you again to all the lovely ladies who came together to spend an amazing (and beautiful weather) morning.

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