Sunday, July 26, 2009

I call on you all - Stellan is very very ill

And is in dire need of your prayers! He is not taking to new meds well, and is under threat of ventilation.

I could go into great detail here, or send you directly to Jennifers blog.

Please, if you have it in you, pray for this sweet little boy that has worked his way into our hearts and lives. It has been a long hard struggle since before birth. His heart is in need of peace and healing!

If you are in the mood and have the ability, join in the WEAR ORANGE FOR STELLAN MONDAY MOVEMENT started by the My Charming Kids Community as well!

BlogFrog users, you can join the prayer chain here. If you are not a BlogFrogger, but want to join in, you can register under the My Charming Kids community.
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