Monday, October 26, 2009

Not Me! Monday

Its been a while old "Not Me! Monday" friend.  But know you have never strayed from my thoughts.  It could be the lack of Cheeto eating breakfasts and the missing morning dates with my laptop that have caused me to stray, but today my dear "Not Me! Monday" friend, I honor you!

Because it has been a while, I will share with you once again the origins of Not Me! Monday.  My good friend Jennifer designed this blog carnival of sorts to relieve the burdon of holding on to things she just needed to let loose!  She was so kind to pass on the cost savings to her friends and fellow readers, and it is now an international success!

Last week I did not stay in bed nearly every morning until literally the moment before I needed to load the kids in the car because shocker I stayed awake too late.  I did not also beg my darling 12 year old to help her adorable 7 year old brother get cereal so I could lavish myself in said luxury.

I did not forget to bring my Abstract to the Attorney, I also did not forget to email my Board their minutes on Thursday afternoon for the Board Meeting we have tomorrow at noon.  I am not forgetful.

Now where was I?

I did not wear out 2 pens, use up 4 Sheraton Hotel note pads, and go through countless pages of note paper at this weekends Midwest Division Relay For Life Leadership Summit!  I also did not take notes on every cotton pickin' piece of paper I was given in my breakout sessions.  I do not have so many new ideas for next years event that I am going to have to put them in an interest survey and bribe my committee with copius amounts of chocolate to get them to agree to add a few things!

Gross alert!  Gross alert!

I most certainly did not accidentally grab the bottle of stool softeners (they stay with me after the narcotic induced obstruction I had last year!) in my purse instead of the Advil I thought was in my purse, and take 3 before noticing my mistake during the opening ceremony on Friday.  They did not kick in this afternoon when I was at a meeting with two of my local committee members.  I did not make up an excuse for having to leave because I was "suddenly not feeling well", when really, I did not want to use the bathroom of the restaurant we were at.

Gross alert over...

I did not literally chew my tongue raw on Thursday afternoon when following a meeting with the schools about a new program we are trying to do together, Mantha's Social Worker pulled me aside to tell me the results of her case study.

I did not want to throw up when she told me that the Autism Specialist not only confirmed her initial diagnosis of Aspergers, but actually has placed her a little higher on the Autism Scale. 

I did not choke back tears when she told me that while there are signs that her brain IQ is well over 125 (she is testing in the next few weeks), they believe her social IQ is more that of a 5 year old (also testing in the next few weeks). 

I did not try to hide all of that in a Not Me! post because it is easier to sound like you are not in denial when you are in denial of doing those very things.
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