Sunday, October 11, 2009

Friends, family and another Birthday!

On Friday night I had the pleasure of joining a group of friends and fellow bloggers at this amazing place.  Of course my good friend Jennifer aka MckMama was behind the arrangements of the wonderful evening:

I finally got to meet some of the people that I have gotten to know so well over this past year, and some new friends that I have met again!  Tina, Heidi (one of the first ever blogs I read), Christy, Kami, and Kerry. 

I spent more than a half hour chit chatting about my old "hood" with the husband of someone I didn't recognize.  Chatting with both of them for quite a bit longer, Janelle (who came all the way from Iowa to see us, and ) came over and joined in the laughs. After a short time she said, I have been looking for one person, and tried to get online to look at her blog so I could see her picture again -  "has anyone met Justlori2day yet?"

She and Shannon apparently were both looking for this illusive person!  It was quite funny because Shannon and I have been commenting back and forth through email and blog comments, but we didn't realize we were who we were!

Thanks again Janelle - I hope you made it home safely (and thanks again for the song)!!!

There was one lady I was dying to meet - she has sent me some inspirational emails over the past few weeks, especially while I was reminscing my mothers last days.  So I looked for her - and found her many times - but kept getting caught up in other conversations and missed her all together.  But in true Mela fashion, she has already emailed me, she is going to mail me one of her CD's, just because that is the kind of person she is!  I cannot wait!

So many ladies (and brave husbands and adorable baby's) yet, so little time!  I know I missed many of them in my comments here, but I hope you all know how much fun it was to meet you all!  If you were there on Friday and donated a hat to Jen's Pediatric Cancer Hat Drive and did not receive one of these

Please contact me!

After leaving Mudd Lake, I drove to one of my most favorite places on this earth - to my aunt and uncles cabin on the same lake that we summer at every year.  My family joined me the next morning, including my brother, sister in law, and niece Lainey:

Twice a year we (in which I mean Jim) find ourselves (again, Jim) wading through icy waters to tend to the dock.  This time it happened to be on a weekend when we had SNOW on the ground and temps in the 30's.

Our brave men (Jim and my brother), or suckers (as you will see in a moment), donned leaky mice nibbled on waders (with footies) and wandered into the friggid cold lake.

Like that hat?  Um yeah, we don't know who that guy was - he just sort of snuck into the frigidly cold lake, took my husbands nibbled on leaky footed waders, and helped my brother remove the dock from the lake.  Where was Jim during this?  We think a rabbit ate him.

Last but not least, we have another birthday in our house.

Can you guess who it belongs to? 

I will give you a hint.... 

If you guessed it was this little fella, you were right!

Happy 7th Birthday big boy!!!  I love you!
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