Sunday, October 25, 2009

Energized, Excited... oh, and Exhausted!

If you know me at all, or have read my side bar, you know that I am a passionate Cancer Research Fundraising Advocate. 

I am going into my 3rd year as Chair of my counties Relay For Life.  A Relay I am extremely proud of.

I just got back from a very powerful, very energized, very exciting Midwest Relay For Life Leadership Summit.  A Summit I have attended for 5 years now.  A Summit that I have often times walked away from upset because I was missing that one little thing that I just could not put my finger on.  This year, I can honestly say....

I have so many new ideas in my book of ideas that I will have to stay on the committee for at least 300 more years just to do them all!  I am so energized that all I can think about is what we can do, and how can we get it done, and where am I going to find people to help.

I also made a decision to share my story.  Because this year the American Cancer Society is the proud sponsor of more Birthdays, and....

I also decided that this year I was going to go about my own personal fundraising differently, starting with my goal.  I have always set it at the standard $100.  This year I am celebrating 5 YEARS CANCER FREE so why not go all out, and raise the bar a little... or in the case of what I decided to raise, a lot...

This year I am starting early, and I am GOING to raise:

Because I am exhausted from being so energized and excited, I am not going to go into great detail tonight, but I am excited to share with you that our little county ranked:

In case you were wondering (because I now have YOU all excited)...  in 2010 my little tiny county is going to break:

And because I don't want to end this post tooting my own horn, the MIDWEST DIVISION (Minnesota, Wisconsin, South Dakota and Iowa) ranked overall:

... and kicked the reigning champions out of the coveted spot they have held for more years that I have been Relaying (this will be my 6th year).

Doesn't that just give you goose bumps???

All that excitement has made me exhausted!
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