Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A lunar mission

We have found ourselves in great need of a new dishwasher. Our old (not so old - only 3 year old) dishwasher has laid out its plans to launch to the moon with each press of "start" on its controls.

It gets so loud and hisses so that I get headaches listening!!! I love to wash dishes by hand, but with fibromyalgia, I cannot stand over the sink for more than a few minutes.

Its looking as though my new sofa is now going to be a new dishwasher.

Unless of course, I would happen to win one of the lovely $200 Best Buy gift certificates that my good friend Jennifer is giving away on her blog!

Are you in need of a new Samsung appliance from Best Buy?  Then swing on over to Jennifers blog, and leave her a comment!  If you REALLY need a new Samsung appliance, then read the other ways you can win!  There are many!!!

If you happen to have a desire to donate a fine sofa to my cause, please note that I like comfy, slightly overstuffed but not too tall, or deep, because of my verticle challenge and all.  Oh, and the color?  Well as long as it goes with my red antique persian rug, red and green walls and has a little exposed wood (it is a family room after all!) I will be ever so happy with it! 

If not, well, don't complain when you come to visit and sink too deeply into my worn out cushions, and don't make fun of my attempt to wrap the seat cushions in new covers, I did that only for your safety - I have no idea if those marker, and crayon stains will attack your rear end or not (it is a family room after all!)!
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