Sunday, April 27, 2008

Where oh where has the weekend gone?

Again? Time is flying so fast that I am afraid winter will be starting again before we even get spring/summer! Do you realize that in 5 weeks, the year will be 1/2 over already? I swear we just took down the Christmas decorations!

It was a good run I tell you. Relaxing. Fun. Lazy.

Flicks: I rented one of my new favorite movies (Cloverfield), ate popcorn (twice) with m&m's and then watched a lame-r version of alien invasion (Invasion). I am all extra terrestrial-d out, but it was fun.

Shopping: I got two of the best things ever this weekend (actually 3). First, I got a Ped Egg, and I love it. I had thought about it in the past, but it took my pal fadkog to share her experience to make me absolutely have to have one NOW. I did a lot of walking to be sure that there was extra "cha cha" for my maracca (read her post and you will understand). I love it I love it I love it. I would like to recommend that you soak your feet first, and make sure they are very dry before starting, but you too will love it.

My second favorite item: was the Nutrogena Healthy Skin Rejuvinator (I got both the face and the body systems). I used the face system last night, and I have been jonesing to do it again, but since I have to limit it to 3 times a week, I will abstain for one more day! Seriously, you notice the results immediately! The body version is fab too. Although had I not gotten it for a third of the cost of the face one, I would have passed on it.

So my third favorite item: I got the Skechers Bikers Aspire (in black). They are so comfortable, and they breathe, and that is what I was looking for in a non sandal for summer. Esp camping and walking. I live in sandals, and never can find a good summer walking shoe that is airy (I hate tennis shoes, I hate socks). I love em! There are several more feminine pairs I would like to buy also, but I limited myself to one pair this time!

Oh, there is one more thing... I got a Bean Elite (this one is the Bean, its missing the handles that mine has). It is awesome for my fibro! I used one at a friends once before, but couldnt justify almost $80 for a blow up stability ball. Well this weekend they were 70% off - so without haste I got it! And I have stretched over it, and rocked on it so many times today I may actually lose some weight while relieving pain!

Boy I am a little materialistic today arent I? But really, most of these items are good for me right?

Lazy: I was L.A.Z.Y today. I showered and put on clean pj's and firmly planted my fat ars on the sofa. It felt so good.

Clicking: We also started working on click training Dash. Its amazing how quickly they pick up on it. I am excited to see what we can achieve. Right now we are dealing with some issues that I am quite concerned about - this wont solve them, but at least we can teach him some better boundaries with the click method.

If you are a dog owner and have some good ideas for me, please share... we have the following habits to break:

barking... at everything outside.
running... the vet said as soon as we "fix" him it will not be as much of an issue
scratching on the walls... I will post some pics later, but we now have three area's in his pen where he has scratched the daylights out of the wall. UGH!

And here comes monday!
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