Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Ok, so I started it, I know. I had to share what I purchased on Saturday. I had to get all sassy about how great it was. I had to share how I was jonesing to use it again, it was that great.

And then I took the skin challenge. Just now. Because I read my comments, and it appears that it may be common for the Ped Egg to make our feet young and sexy, but our faces look like the left overs in the basin.

So I took it. And I am so sad. My skin age is "44". I am 37 people. My mom always looked young. Apparently, I do not. So you say to me, "you bought this great product to fix it, what are you bitchin' about?". Well... here's the thing. When I scrub away my skin age, I reveal what my skin can become... and well, it tells me "39". TWO YEARS OLDER LOOKING THAN I AM.

How do you recover from that? Get out the paper bag, Im done!

: )~
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