Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I have a germ on my uvula.

Matter of fact. No expletives. No excitement. Just fact.

"Mom, I have a germ on my uvula".

"And it is eating the crumbs from my cookie".

How do you recover from that?

Well there was more...

A few days later I get a call from Daycare to tell me that my baby has lost two teeth. Yes, my baby... that little boy that has won my heart and soul is now becoming a real boy (as he called himself), because this morning he lost not one, but both of his sweet little wiggly middle/lower teeth.

And what does he do with those teeth? Well they go under the pillow so the tooth fairy can come. And what will she leave him? A "thousand bucks" of course! Before I could ask what he would do with the "thousand bucks", he gleefully shared with me that he would give said "thousand bucks" to daddy to buy wood so they could build Daschel a dog house and paint it green.

So there you have it. My baby is growing up. And investing in a home for our pooch.

Now, the girl. The one that I am such a bad parent to - because well, we are too much alike. So, after much talk of meses, V's and P's, and of course she decided budding bosoms, she announces that hers were "freaking her out" and she needed a bra. Now let me remind you, she is 10. Not exactly bursting at the seams, but she is freaked out, so I digress.

My baby is loosing teeth, and my big girl is wearing a bra...

What happened? I don't get it and I don't like it. Can someone please stop the craziness!?!?!?!

EDITED: for added giggles...

I just asked him if he would settle for less than a thousand. I told him the tooth fairy emailed me to tell me that loose teeth were popping out everywhere and she was low on financial backers, so she could not grant large donations even for those who want to use it for others prosperity. His response????

"I can't accept less than sixty bucks, because anything less would mean I couldnt buy enough wood for Dash's dog house, and for sure I couldn't buy paint, right dad?". (I am speaking verbatum people - between laughing my ars off, and small spurts of tinkle leaks, I had to type fast!)
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