Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Shout it from the hill tops

(ok, that was a pun and it was intended!)

After three weeks of agonizing waiting and a really sucky experience with the MRI (imagine face down, feet first all the way in the tube with no where to look but down [and a well padded behind touching the machine the whole time]) the "lump" was definitely a benign cyst! I have an enlarged lymph node but it is within normal range, so we are calling it optomistically good!

Unless I notice any changes of any sort I am in the clear for one more year!

I am 1 - 3/4 years from my 40th birthday when my risk goes from 40% to 60%, but I am already ahead of the game in testing and being prepared, so BRCA2, you can kiss my well padded rear (at least for one more year!)
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