Monday, August 17, 2009

Not Me Monday

You've been there - you know you have! Those days when you skipped a step out of laziness, or ignored something your husband or kids did "just because" it was easier? Then there are those things that may cause need for a session or two on a leather sofa. Well I have many of those days! In fact, if I kept a log, I could actually write 13 1/2 pages each day. But there is just no time for that now, really!

So my good friend aka MckMama started a little "project" almost a year ago to combat the guilty's and the need for a costly therapist. Lord knows this is so much cheaper than my therapist (my pretend one - because there is nothing wrong with me, so why would I need a therapist - really, how dare you think otherwise).

I did not cry like a little girl at our facilitator training in front of 10 of my professional colleagues when it was my turn to share some of what inspired me about the previous two days of seminar. I am not emotional and do not wear my heart on my sleeve, and would NEVER let my guard down and cry in front of people, because I just do not do that!

sniff sniff...

I did not make any excuses on Friday when we arrived at the "baums" family weekend, and shortly after dinner ducked out early for the night. I would never do that. I do not lie - really, seriously, I do not (I abhor it!). I HAD spent three days in a classroom, and I DID need to unwind by myself for a while. Just because I did not tell everyone I also needed to take a break from a few of them does not constitute an excuse or a lie, only an exclusion to save their feelings.

I am kind that way.

I did not then text my soon to be ex-SIL that I am mad at her soon to be ex-husband (my husbands brother) call him a chump for leaving her. I also told her I miss her tons. I mean I did not, because I did not text her. Wait, that WAS a lie. I did.

I did not stop helping and then walk away from my husband when he blamed me for breaking the awning on the camper. I did not blame his brother for breaking it even though I know he messed with the button that broke it because, well, I do not roll that way. I did however go get his brother and make him help my husband fix said broken awning after I did (not) walk away from him.

I did not then come back after it was fixed and make my husband apologize to me.

I did not gorge on chips, and dips, and adult beverages and card games while at the "baums" family weekend. I did not rub in anyone's faces that I am the unofficial Phase 10 champ, and Queen of the game Bull Shit. I also did not at anytime while playing "B.S." with my young and impressionable teen aged nieces accidentally slip out the words "bull shit" instead of the cleaner "baloney sandwich" when busting their deception during a game for which lying is intentional. I also never lied about the cards I lay on the table - just to clarify! (and those out there yelling "B.S." - PROVE IT! Because I already clarified that I do not lie! bwahahaha!)

I did not drink several pots of coffee each day of training last week because that just isn't responsible. I also did not drink the last cup yesterday morning because I was hoping someone else would make more for me (which for the record, no one did). I did not do that, because I have never liked coffee. Well, I never did like coffee. Until I stopped drinking pop.

I did not just slam a 20 oz cup of coffee and sneak back over to my friends coffee shop and refill my cup. I did not! But I thought about it!
I am not blogging at work either. That is not efficient!

I am DEFINITELY not looking for a volunteer to man my office Thursday afternoon so I can skip out of work early and head to the lake for my sides family weekend. Nope, I would not shirk work in that way!



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