Thursday, August 13, 2009

7 Habits part 2...

Or shall I say "day two".

Wow is all I can say! I am taking the certification tomorrow. Then I will be able to teach it. I have a lot of reading and practicing to do!

As organizers of the program we had the opportunity to have a one on one dinner with the instructor/consultant last night and it was very insightful. For many reasons. The most important was that what we are doing is really important and that a program he implemented 20 years ago that was put to the way side may be able to start up again because of what our mission statement is telling him.

That excited him and made us feel really good.

It also worried him because while our intentions are well meaning, the negative ramifications of the "unexpected" make him fear for our success. Somehow, as he put it "for the first time in his 22 years" we managed to get Covey to allow us to do a small business/entrepreneur/school all in one program that will reach a spectrum of people that hasn't been allowed in the past... Pray it works the way we all hope!

I am pretty proud of our innovative little town. Who would think a program we had 120 spots for would FILL UP!!!!

Off to do some homework.

Oh, my favorite affirmation of the day came from the instructor/consultant...

Towards the end of the afternoon I had a hard time sitting - my back/kidneys/fibromyalgia do not do well with stagnate behaviors, so I was leaning against a window seat opposite from where he was speaking. He started a video, and walked the perimeter of the room. He stopped at where I was standing, put his hand on my shoulder and said "Lori, I really like you. You are very purposeful. You seem to know what is important and what you need to do to achieve it. You seem to have a solid head on your shoulders. I have truly enjoyed working with you, and cannot wait for tomorrows sessions". All small statements. I wanted to cry. Instead I thanked him.

I was blown away.

I think when I reveal some of my introspections you will understand where his comment came from, but to walk in wondering if I was right for the program, having a seasoned professional tell me what he did was enough to lift my spirits for a long time to come.

And now I need to decide whether I am going to do homework or go to bed to prepare for hardcore work tomorrow... Hmmmm.... what will prevail?

So for those of you who do come and visit, and have read or are interested in reading the series, what would you think of a separate "blog/book/7 Habits club"? We can take a habit a week/month - however we want to do it. Read, practice it in our lives and share our experiences, good and bad and receive support and affirmation for what we are trying to do? I would make it private so we could be candid with each other. Let me know!

Pally, it WAS an extra, so its yours!!!
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