Wednesday, April 22, 2009

12, 11, 10, 9, 8...

12 - a not so magic number. In fact, its a rather sucky number. 12 is the number of hours my husband has been allowed to work this week. Not because he chooses too. But because his company insists on padding the employee pool and stretch the work thin, and then make excuses for why guys who are going on 9 years with the company get to work less than the guys who started yesterday afternoon.

11 - the number of days I have left before I will be able to make room for someone new in my office if all goes well next week.

10 - the number of days I hate in May... May 8th was my moms birthday - Mothers Day always falls a few days later, and May 18th is my wedding anniversary - the day I married the love of my life without my mother there to witness (she died 7 months and 15 days before we were married)

9 - the number of years that Jim and I have been tripping and stumbling through life together.

8 - the number of days left to have 10% of your purchase donated to Stellan's fund when you order some of these from Munchie Gifts!

7 - the number of years (on May 18th) that Jim and I have been married - for better or worse.

6 - the number I would like my pain to be right now, instead it is only 1/2 the number... If 12 is even on a pain chart.

5 - the number of hours I average per night in restless sleep.

4 - the number of days my kids will be attending school per week next year from November to March if the proposal laying on the table is voted on and passed on Monday.

3 - the number of weeks that will be added to the school year next year if the above passes. I can't wait to explain WHY they are planning to pass this new agenda. I guarantee it is not what you think!

2 - the number of days before my darling daughter steps up to the plate and performs her little heart out at the Math Masters Competition. The same daughter that ranked #1 district wide for Math Masters, yet told my friend yesterday that she HATES math. Go figure.

1 - the number of nerve endings that aren't screaming uncle right now!

0 - the number of vacation days Jim has left until October. If only he could get paid for mine - I added my comp time and vacation time up last week and it appears I could take a month off with pay - if only I had someone I could count on to run the office while I was gone for even a day...

-1 - number of people still reading this far down the list of complaints and whines!
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