Monday, February 18, 2008

Two kids and a dog part deux

Or shall I say, two kids and FOUR DOGS!!!

Cricket (my cousin/little sister) is too poor to have a blog. Ok, she's not poor. And a blog doesn't cost anything, she just doesn't have one...

So you know that old saying: "When you think you have it hard, remember someone else is suffering more"? Well this doesn't quite fit that statement, but it sort of does.

I was whining about how hard it was to get two kids and dog to sit still for a picture, and then I get this email from Cricket:

Your pics on your blog were so cute! I just thought i would share with you a couple of pics with 4 dogs, 2 kids and a semi-crabby hubby....

And here it is, proof that I didn't have it that bad the other day!!!

This last one is my favorite - because it fits their personalities so well! Rolle in the center with her nose in the air like she is queen! Ok, well she is... Squeak facing away from the camera, C squishing his face T looking like he is ready to walk away, and Cricket smiling all along. Meanwhile Hershy, Rocko and Lola are in their own little worlds! (and in case I messed up the dog names, they may get changed on here later! :) )

Nope, I had it easy!!! Aren't they a gorgeous family? I just love em to death!

Love ya hon!
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