Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Jim is stuck in I-O-W-A

Jim is stuck in Iowa. Yes, he went into the pits of that foreign state and got stranded! A huge snow storm has closed down Dubuque which is where he was headed, so he is sitting with his feet up, eating pizza, watching cable, all on the company's dime.

I am home with two fighting kids that dont know what indoor voices are, a hyper dog and two cats who think they are king and queen.

So pay backs are in order... I dont remember why, but for some reason the boys were playing with one of my bra's recently. I swore they would never post them on the internet, but they never saw my crossed fingers! hehehehehe

Victoria's Secret, I have a few new marketing ideas for your "Body by Victoria" bra!

Is it a hat or a brainwave transmitter?

Ear muffs?

Or the ever popular (in the 80's maybe) shoulder pads?

Honey, we will be thinking of you tonight, and will miss you! Stay warm and drive careful tomorrow!!

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