Thursday, March 13, 2008

My favorite show has me lost...

And I mean LOST.

I am starting to think they named it not after the survivors of Oceanic Air flight 815, but rather the state I would be in come season 4.

I am officially lost... Who's baby did Sun have when she had the boy, and where did he go? Were we shown this in the beginning? She wasn't married before... Then she had Jin's baby right? And that was the girl. So who the heck was Jin married to before?

Please share your theories...

One last thing... Do you have the "Six" figured out now? That I am for sure not lost on!

Whew. This season is a doozy! Thank goodness Dezzy will get more screen time next week. I will once again be found!

And on another subject, would someone please explain why publisher is being a PIA? And why I cant get mine to realize it really is connected, and how to change its mind and connect me? Cause I am tired of downloading clipart because it thinks my library is empty... GRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!
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