Sunday, March 9, 2008

Flat Stanleys Prom Dress Shopping

Heidi sent me Flat Stanley a few weeks ago, but the little bugger got so scared when he saw my office that he went into hiding. He missed our trip to the cities on Saturday, he was very sad, so I let him take a virtual tour of our trip to the mall.
Had he not been hanging out in M-P (see below), he would have been with me, but bad little fella's miss out on all the fun. He was very happy to still be allowed to visit in the virtual world. Heck, he is Flat Stanley, he is all about single dimensions!

FS Posing with the Mall of America Signature Sign.

Taking a ride on the Timberland Twister.

Checkin out the Prom Show (which we weren't impressed with - picture teapot hats, white tights and flat Mary Jane's).

Swimmin' with the fishes! We suggested he lose the shoes, but FS is a little fashionista! See that evil eye from Mr. Sharky? Well its aimed at me... I ate his lunch... Blackened Tuna - Sushi Grade - just like butter! I have to eat it medium rare - medium tho. I am sure they cringe when they get my order...

Here is where I ate Mr. Sharkey's lunch. One of my favorite places to eat (a tie with Tucci Benuch and California Grille and of course Rain Forest Cafe). FS was such a gentleman, he held the door for all of us.

So thats that. We do have an incriminating photo of him trying on Shannon's dress, but truly, I dont want "those" kind of pictures to be on the internet when they could be used against him when he is on the Presidential ticket in 2012!

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