Thursday, April 29, 2010

Week 7: Namibia update from Alexandra Diemer

One word sums it up wholy....


That is what I am of this young lady...

Alex has been gone now almost 11 weeks.  She has experienced things many of us never will.  I hope it clearly guides her to where she wants to be in the future.  I never imagined 21 1/2 years ago when my aunt and uncle adopted my baby girl that this is what her future would hold!

No matter the outcome of her study in another world, proud is what I will always be of her.

Here is her submission to the study she is on:

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Love you girl!

post edit:  While this submission was entered on April 7th, she has only very limited access to the internet, so there was a 3 week delay in it getting to Facebook this morning!
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