Thursday, April 29, 2010

Week 7: Namibia update from Alexandra Diemer

One word sums it up wholy....


That is what I am of this young lady...

Alex has been gone now almost 11 weeks.  She has experienced things many of us never will.  I hope it clearly guides her to where she wants to be in the future.  I never imagined 21 1/2 years ago when my aunt and uncle adopted my baby girl that this is what her future would hold!

No matter the outcome of her study in another world, proud is what I will always be of her.

Here is her submission to the study she is on:

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Love you girl!

post edit:  While this submission was entered on April 7th, she has only very limited access to the internet, so there was a 3 week delay in it getting to Facebook this morning!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

REPOST: Happy Memory-versary Pally!

Happy Memory-versary to a very special friend. Someone who has loved so much and lost so much more. Someone who took more than half her lifetime to find the one. Someone who had to say good bye to him far too soon.

May she find peace and love in all the memories of his sweet life, and find joy in what they had together, and what he left behind for the rest of us to share in and love.

Happy Anniversary Pally!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

In Loving Memory of CJ Twomey

Written in Loving Memory of Christopher John “C.J.” Twomey on behalf of Hallie, John and Connor Twomey by Dayna and Kimmy.

Words are at times, inadequate, and often hard to come by. This is the hardest thing we have ever had to write. It is with deep sadness that we tell you that on April 15th, Christopher John “C.J.” Twomey, the beloved son of Hallie and John, big brother to Connor, passed away unexpectedly, leaving behind his heart-broken family and friends.

Please take a moment to read C.J.'s obituary. In the middle of all their saddness, Hallie and John were able to find the strength to write a beautiful and loving tribute to their amazing son.

Those who loved C.J. are left to miss his infectious smile, to wish to hold him again, to have him saunter into a room and make us all laugh. We wish we could talk to him, to watch him love the way that he did, with his whole heart. In short, those who loved C.J. are longing for the future we were all supposed to have with him. Hallie and John are heart-broken, are struggling to understand the events of the past week and are focusing on making sure their son Connor, who has shown grace and maturity well beyond his 16 years, knows and feels the love of his parents at this very difficult time.

Hallie, John and Connor have received an overwhelming amount of support over the last week from friends nearby who have stood with them through horrific circumstances, to the calls of support and the messages sent through text, email, Facebook and many other mediums. They know that so many of you are hurting as well.

Even in the mist of incomprehensible pain, Hallie and John continue to think of others. Despite their own pain, they remembered the pain of Hallie’s dad as he was waiting for a heart and became a recipient himself. In C.J.'s final hours, Hallie and John made the heroic decision to donate his organs. This week, 56 families felt the joy of hope for their family, even in the darkest moments for C.J.’s family.

Many have asked what they can do for the family and we have thought of a few suggestions:

1. Pray for comfort. Hallie, John, Connor and their extended family have pain that is indescribable; please offer up prayers that comfort can come to them.

2. Continue to send messages of support. The messages of support they have received mean more than they can express right now. Messages sent through Facebook, her Blog, or for those who have the ability, text messages of support are appreciated. While they are not able to respond, they are reading them, and it does lift them in support when one more step or one more breath seems like it’s just too much to take.

3. Make a donation. Kimmy and I have set up a fund called the "Twomey Family Benefit” for the family to use as they see fit – for funeral expenses, for a memorial for C.J. or maybe even to just be able to get away as a family and spend time grieving the loss of their beloved son. Many of us felt the need to do SOMETHING, and being far away, and knowing that we can't take away the emotional burden, this felt like something we could do to help.

If you are inclined to make a donation, you can simply walk it into any TD Bank and ask to make a donation to the "Twomey Family Benefit" (these exact words must be used). If, however, you do not have a TD Bank near you (as they are only located on the East Coast) you can simply mail a check to:

TD Bank
200 US Route 1
Falmouth, ME  04105

The checks should be made payable to the: “Twomey Family Benefit” and should also include those exact words in the memo line of the check.

Any questions can be directed to Kimmy at:

We know that this time, for all of us, is shocking and difficult to comprehend a life cut so short. We hope and pray that you can take a moment to hold those you love tight, tell them you love them and cherish every moment.

Love like C.J. did, with his whole heart, and give to others freely.

May we all find comfort...

Dayna & Kimmy

If you are so inclined, please dedicate a post to CJ's Memory by placing a post titled:
Remembering CJ Twomey on your blog, and linking to Hallie's blog at:

There is also Facebook Group in Memory of CJ

If you are on Facebook, and would be willing, we are also all changing our profile pictures to this photo in support of the family:

To Hallie, John, Connor and the rest of the Twomey family, may the love in our hearts, the prayers from our lips and the arms we hold outstretched comfort you in this time of pain.  We love you!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Getting closer...

To my return...  started with a new header and background!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

I am so fickle...

Kind of like the girl that falls in love with a boy and ignores all of her friends because the boy is all she can pay attention to.

Kind of like the lioness stalking the lone rabbit while there is a herd of gazelle's grazing nearby because she doesn't see past her nose.

Kind of like the blogger that met facebook and ignored her blog for 2 months and 3 days.

Not to mention all of her bloggy friends.

I am so fickle.

So, if I come back to this lonely ol'blog, will there be anyone to talk to?

We shall see.

I suppose I should get rid of my fall header and holiday background too huh?

All in due time, all in due time!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

50 things

HA!  You didn't really think I would be chatty today did you?


Nope, instead I am just posting a link to an article I discovered on MSN this morning that I love (if only I would have thought of some of this stuff!)>1=32001

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas!

My Christmas wish for you is that you all receive the love and joy of family and friends without want! 

My Christmas wish for me (and anyone in the Midwest for that matter) is that all radio/television/news people C.A.L.M. down.  Quit guessing at how much snow we are going to get.  Changing it every 2-3 hours does not make the god's of winter and Mother Nature change their wiley ways.  It will fall.  It will stop.  When, where and how it will end no one knows.  So quit telling us what you "think" will happen. 

If I hear one more time we are getting AN ADDITIONAL 18-23" on top of the 7 we got yesterday and the 4 we got on Sunday I may really cry.  They *may* be tears of joy, they may not! 


Wednesday, December 9, 2009

It could really look a lot like Christmas (in my house and YOURS!)

My friend Jennifer does a lot of great give aways - many of which do not fit my 12 year old daughter, or 7 year old son.  But the one she is hosting RIGHT NOW that YOU can win a chance at is something WE ALL could use!

Co-Sponsored by HP and BlogHer, Jennifer is hosting an awesome giveaway for an HP SmartTouch computer!!!

Check it out!  There are several ways you can enter to win!

Good Luck!  And wish me luck too!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Broken fingers, Broken relationships, Broken hearts

On Sunday morning Jim and I attempted a new line of work - chimney cleaning. My pinky didnt survive it.  Jim on the roof, me in the family room. He was pulling the rope from up top, I was pulling it from below. I had to wrap the rope around my hand and pull because the brush got stuck. He started pulling before I unwrapped. At first I thought he just had the end of the glove. Broke it just above the top knuckle. Snapped it back in wrong and pinched off a vein - got it all aligned at the Doctor on Monday but also severed the finger nail under the skin so it will eventually fall out. 4 days later it still hurts just a TINY (very large!) bit! Guess I will stick to my day job!  

This weekend my husbands side will be at our house for our annual Christmas gathering. I am struggling with an issue with my mother in law that I don't know how to rectify.  I feel like if I share my thoughts I will cause more friction.  The issue shouldn't even exist.  Its minute.  But it is causing her a lot of dispair.  I want to take the high road and tell her she is right so the issue is dropped, but the fact of the matter is, she is not.  I heard from others in the family that she may not enjoy the weekend because of it, and she won't talk to my husband because she thinks we are trying to rile her up - which if she would give us 5 minutes to explain she would find we are not...  Ugh!

There is are issues that have been ongoing on with one of my friends that is makes me want to go all postal - because I KNOW she does not deserve it!  I have expressed my feelings to her and to the people who are brow beating her, but it truly breaks my heart that so many people can find joy in bringing her down publicly.  She is a much better person than I because she is taking it in stride.  Interestingly, the group that is making it their mission to make her their punching bag is now hiding from public view themselves.  I find that interesting.

BUT ITS SNOWING and that makes it all better!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Giant Chickens, crossed fingers, public speaking and am I blind?

This morning when Jadon made his annual morning trek to daddy's side of the bed to "just rest my head one more minute", I shared with him the ca-ra-zy dream I had just awoken from.

I was dreaming about our home (even though it looked more like this amazing place I keep dreaming about - is that a sign that some day it will be mine?).  We had just tucked Jadon in for the night.  He came trodding out of his bed to tell us there was a strange scratching noise on his ceiling - he was sure it was mice, rats, or squirrels (if only he knew that none of those would be allowed in this amazing place I keep dreaming about).  After searching the attic (because that is what we do), we went outside.  By now the entire neighborhood has joined us on the street, looking back at my home (of my dreams) to find a giant chicken on the roof.  When I say giant I mean GIANT.

When we reached the street, just to the north of us a giant black creature with a bushy black tail ran past us - upright in an unnatural state, accosting our neighbors roof. 

Suddenly as if the skies parted, there were white balls of something appearingly falling from the heavens.  But the large chunks of hail were really eggs.  The chicken was throwing EGGS at us!  When it ran out of eggs, it started throwing the bricks from our chimney.  Its black hairy friend next door was doing the same.

In his defense, I know this is not how my husband would have reacted, but it was my dream remember, and therefore I must tell it as it was...  My husband darted across the drive to be at my side - me thinking he had Jadon in his arms.  I was so very wrong.  Jadon was still out in the street playing dodgeball with bricks and other flying foreign objects - Jim was scared and didn't want to get hit. 

Then out of nowhere, like a knight in shining armor, my mothers brother Ed appeared.  He swooped down and grabbed Jadon from his hovering spot in the street and dropped him gently next to me before crashing to the ground...

and then my alarm went off....

So tonight as I was driving home I realized that we don't have a sitter for Satruday night...  So I sent a text to my adorable cousin Sarah Belle (who is more like a little sister - kind of like her twin, and my cousin Chrissy - I just adore them all!) and said exactly this:  "come over and babysit for me on Saturday, k?"  - only she lives like 140 miles away in a 4th floor dorm (with no elevators yo - it was not fun moving her in I tell ya - my old lazy butt does not do 4 flights of stairs).  She still said "yes" - if she can catch a ride from someone who lives close.  I hope she can come - we have so much fun with Sarah!

Here is to hoping! (oooohhhh my nails look nasty....)

I mean really - who wouldn't want to spend a few days with these two clowns?

Yesterday afternoon I received a call from our former American Cancer Society Relay For Life Rep.  She was very kindly, and in a round a bout way, asking me to speak at the Regional Roundtable Conference on Saturday. 

Being the ever people pleaser that I try to be I conceded.  This afternoon I received a call from her counterpart to go over the emailed materials they want me to share with not one, but two break out sessions - each an hour long, on Saturday morning and afternoon.  I have so much prep work to do, but until an hour ago my laptop was receiving a much needed lobotomy.  Thank goodness the school tech person is a genius!

If I have many spelling errors in this (or any future) post, I would like to point the finger at the culprit - unless I am blind, it appears that the last time Blogger upgraded they removed Spell Check.  Am I blind?